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Taggart Family

Monday, October 24, 2016

It was so great to see this family again! It is amazing how much kids can change in just a year! We met a cute farm for this shoot. I was worried again we were going to be rained out but we managed to beat the rain! We also lucked out to go at a time where nobody else was there but us! Such a fun easy going photo shoot!  

1st Birthday!

I love the First Birthday! The best part being the cake smash! I love seeing how each baby is going to react when they get to eat cake without any restrictions. This sweet girl wasn't as excited for her individual pictures, but as soon as we brought out her cake she was in a whole new world! My favorite part was in the beginning she loved to eat the cake but didn't want to use her hands. She soon got over that fast! Happy 1st Evelyn! 

Lick Family

We had to move this photo session inside due to uncooperative weather. All the kids did great! The family was so helpful in keeping them happy and they are very lucky to have so much love!

Warden Family

Friday, September 2, 2016

Darling family of four! This family is so easy going and fun to be around! We had a beautiful evening and such a lovely setting while everything around is still so green! Cookies and sticks helped keep this little boy happy and smiling, and the rest of the evening just fell into place.